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RAPS to EDPS Transition Report



MAO-004 Version 3 to be released soon.

MAO plans have long been concerned about problems with the MAO-004 Version 2 report. On March 23, 2017, CMS shared new details about the Version 3 MAO-004 Report.

The changes CMS made for Version 3 relative to Version 2 are significant for "processing" the MAO-004 data. Key changes in logic include:

  • Assignment of Allowed/Disallowed status for the encounter and any linked encounter
  • Refined definition for "blank" diagnosis indicators
  • New reporting for replacements to original encounters regardless of whether diagnoses are unchanged from the original submission
  • Allowed/Disallowed Reason Codes to help understand why diagnoses are disallowed or if a change has occurred from disallowed to allowed
  • Expansion of number of clusters to 38 per line in report

Version 3 Reports are expected to be released by April 7th, 2017. Cirdan will immediately evaluate the impact of the change on its clients and share our observations.